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As a 20 year veteran of the cyber security industry I have worked on small, medium, and large size businesses alike. Building network infrastructure, policy and governance, and supporting IT organizations to meet and exceed security best practices and industry security standards.  Most recently I ran a 60 person team that covered, cyber, physical, and security governance to meet the needs of the US Financial services sector.  Protecting more than 80% of the US populations personal and banking information.

Cyber Security Solutions


Rebuilding security teams, designing policy and governance to meet your customers expectations, working as an internal security leader and an external security expert to support your sales organizations, redesigning or shoring up your current security posture, and working to keep your security tools running optimally to defend the corporate asse

More tools is NOT the answer...


Its not all about tools... these days vendors will attempt to dazzle you and lead you to believe that if you just buy this product or that device that your network will be safe.  I disagree!  While there are tools that can be used to enhance your security posture, most organizations could do that by using the tools and systems that they already own. Don't buy new tools without making sure your current set is running optimally



Infrastructure Assessment

Review your infrastructure design and tools choices and match that against your business goals.  Advise and drive change in support of your security and business needs.


Security Governance

Meet with your team and understand what security frameworks you being asked to meet, then assess your current state against those frameworks and suggest corrective actions.  We can also design security policy and guidelines to meet your business needs or those of the industry frameworks (ISO27001, PCI,  NIST 800-53a, etc) you are being required to comply with.


Tools Management & Optimization

We can help you manage your current security tools and optimize them to ensure you are getting the best value from tools you already own.  We can also  also assess and help you acquire and install new tools as your business grows or threats change.

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